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Game features

- Conquer 2D v5937 approximately classic and modern.
- 7 Balanced game characters to choose between includes Pirate and Epic Trojan.
- An attack and defense system that satisfies everyone.
- New quests and also insane gamePlay experiance.
- NewServerEnvoy in TwinCity gives you surprises and 7 days exclusive quests to do.
- obtaining cps works gradually, meaning that you get items to exchange them.
- A different hunting experience you have never tried before.
- Mining area non pk to get stons up to +5 and gems.
- Free gears and Free class pack Set for the new players.
- for Newbie an monster appears hourly for Exp&Stones.
- All in all, enjoy yourself in the Horse Racing!.
- Team Qualifier,Arena Qualifier and Champion Arena were developed professionally.
- E.U hosted Lag-free the game is well supported and always uptaded.
- WaterDevil like TQ Spawning once a day in Adventure Island with P7 Rewards.
- NemesisTyrant Spawning 8 times a day with P7 Rewards at BloodShed map.
- DisCity Avilable daily with Super Refinery reward after killing the FlameDevastator.
- Professional developers to ensure bugs-free and provide the best experience.
- Some classic quests like snakeking,moonbox etc.. with a good rewards as VIP! .
- Chi, Refinery, and Sub-classes (No Jiang-Hu for now).
- Flower ranking and Quiz show are available.
- Houses and Furniture items.

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